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When I was young, I couldn't afford a Buck 110, but always coveted my neighbor's...

A few years ago I found an Elk antler shed in the forest behind my parent's cabin.        I was very excited about it.  A good size 5 spike.

It was used as a coat rack, but one day, too many friends were over and a tine had too many coats on it.  I was sad to see it broken, and figured I had to make crafty use of it somehow.  Well, shortly after that day, the Buck 110 was on sale at the big box store, and I had the ambition of scaling it with the antler using my trusty Dremel.          

After many, many, many hours, I managed to make about $40 selling it on eBay.          I was hooked, and never dreamed of it becoming what it now has.

As a child, much of my youth was spent at the rather secluded cabin.  We didn't have much out there, so I was always trying to make use of natural materials to create useful things.  That mentality led me to the feeling of gratitude of taking one man's junk, and turning it into a treasure.  Many of my projects are restorations or making use of otherwise scrap materials.

I currently forge, CNC mill, restore vintage axes and chainsaws, but my current focus is customizing the Buck model 110 as well as making epoxy resin furniture.  

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